The best full-size vehicles in USA

Full-size vehicles have always been popular in the USA. Of course, over the decades was changed the type of vehicle that has been popular. 50’s and 60’s were used to be popular Chevy’s and Ford’s with 4-5 liter engines. Those days are gone and today is the most popular type of cars SUVs. It is the off-road vehicle that is extremely elegant and comfortable to drive. Fuel consumption was always a little bit thing for Americans. That is why they so enthusiastically embraced this new model. Of course, it is not true that only America’s affected the popularity of SUVs. In Europe, smaller SUV models are extremely popular (like Juke). On the other hand in India and China is rapidly growing number of SUVs. Both countries are expecting new expansion. Namely, the upper middle class (and these are the people who buy these vehicles) is growing rapidly. Some forecasts say that by the year 2020 in China will be more SUVs than other vehicles. Left us to be confident in this prediction. In this article I will discuss the most interesting ful-size models in the USA. Models that will be counted are popular and sold well, despite the fact that it is a more expensive models. Of course, the review is based on sales in the entire USA. In some states are more popular other models.
2017 toyota-sequoia mpg

1. Toyota Sequoia 2016

Toyota Sequoia is the largest model that we’re about to write today. It is a model that has a very good towing capacity. The strength of this model lies in its good balance between vehicle weight and engine power. Of course, it has the engine of over 5 liters. Sure, you guess that this model does not have great fuel economy. In the city this model has consumption for 13 mpg. As the price of fuel are at a record low (yesterday barrel price was below $ 26), Americans will gladly accept such spending. It can only be a hassle to constantly pouring fuel into the tank, because of high consumption. However, if you use this vehicle for a long trip, you will not go wrong. Namely, Sequoia provides excellent comfort and is very comfortable. This model is equipped with 8 seats. In the third row can still sit just children. The problem is space for knees. The interior is equipped with excellent equipment: the famous Sequoia navigation, large touch screens and cameras that are distributed on all sides of the vehicle. This model is provided in 3 trim levels. I would especially praised the Platinum trim level because it is the best equipped. When you consider what you’re getting, the difference in price compared to other models is not that big.

2. 2016 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot is completely different from the Toyota Sequoia. First of all, it is a model that has a much lower towing capacity, but it has good fuel economy. Therefore, it is all the opposite of Sequoia. Towing capacity is lower by as much as 2,000 lbs. On the other hand, consumption in the city is 19 mpg. You’ll probably wonder why constantly emphasize consumption in town? The answer is that most car owners generally and riding around town. The engine running this SUV is much weaker than in the previous model. It is a V6 with 3.5 liters. What thrills at Honda Pilot is a great look. The interior of this vehicle represents a good balance of modern and functional. Also, much has been done to the equipment. The passenger compartment is large and satisfying.

2015-Mazda-CX-9 price

3. 2016 Mazda CX9


Mazda CX9 is a great vehicle. It is a vehicle that has 7 seats that are arranged in 3 rows. CX9 was declared as the best SUV in 2013. When we look at the characteristics, it is clear why. High power engine is combined with solid fuel consumption. This SUV consumes 17 mpg in the city. The appearance of this vehicle is a combination of sports and athletics. Therefore, you are appreciating younger drivers. Since equipment is an excellent audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, blind-spot monitor. Also, the driver has a choice between AWD and FDW drive.


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